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CutiePigz Sprees

The Best Deal Ever

12 February
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Stylesheet by refuted

* Place your orders together with payments by emailing us
(DO NOT LEAVE COMMENTS on the LJ site). (Format on side bar)
* Unpaid orders will NOT be entertained.
* Please make payment before sending in your orders.
* Please try not to make changes after your orders have been confirmed.
* Items will be confiscated for spree-ers who fail to collect/topup within 1 month after items arrived.
* CutiePigz is the middleman in handling your orders
so we do not guarantee the quality, color of the products you have purchased
or wrong items sent by the seller.

* CutiePigz is not accountable for any wrong orders if all the details are not stated clearly.
* Feel free to email your enquiries to us at zhuumei@gmail.com
* Pls bookmark this site as updates will be done here too. =)